Types of Training

As a personal trainer I specialise in weight loss, fitness and toning. 

I aim to vary your workouts to challenge you, yet also inspire you. 

It is my job as a trainer to ensure you leave feeling energised and exercised! 

Below are a few examples of techniques you will learn and love along the way.


Boxing for fitness

I am fully qualified Hatton academy boxing instructor (that basically just means I know exactly what i'm doing!). 

Boxing has a HUGE amount of health benefits as well as being incredibly fun and stress relieving. 

Boxing is an incredibly effective calorie burning cardio workout (up to 500 calories per session), whilst also tones and strengthens those gorgeous muscles. 


Body Conditioning

Body conditioning is designed to provide total fitness and over all toning through working out every major muscle group in one workout. 

You will discover a level of fitness you never knew possible with high impact, high energy and highly emotional workouts! 


Resistance Training

Resistance training is another name for exercising your muscles using an opposing force. 

This is done with the use of TRX bands, Kettle-bells, dumbbells, resistance bands and body weight. 

This type of training is a great little fat burner and body toner!